Balice Hertling & Lewis

Front Desk Apparatus is pleased to announce a group exhibition by Balice Hertling & Lewis.

Balice Hertling & Lewis is a collaboration between Paris-based gallerists Daniel Balice and Alexander Hertling and the American art critic David Lewis. The project was born of a Paris-based friendship and it is open-ended. Its direction will emerge organically (one hopes), over time; emerge, perhaps, from an accumulation of events, performances, lectures, readings, and encounters, and above all from the impetuses and interaction of artists. For now it is mainly a sketch, a rough draft of a kind of community: not limited by place, not necessarily united in taste, but linked by a desire to make room for each others’ voices.

The works in the exhibition have been chosen because in various ways and on various levels they articulate the spirit, or rather the spirits, of the project. In some cases these procedures, or reasons, and their attendant poetry, are fairly explicit; in other cases they are more muted, or even openly occluded. But the general logic is one of substitution, which means multiplicity, and the knowledge, taken for granted, that the one is already many, and for the best.

March 04 – April 16, 2011
Presented by Balice Hertling & Lewis

Opening Reception
Friday, March 04 from 5 – 7 pm

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