Hulk vs Thing

Jo Baer
Danny McDonald
Jean-Luc Moulène

Near or far, the void made by parallel objects is pregnant with a binocular and eternal neither. 2 polemic heads, a minimalist painting by Jo Baer, and an enduring comic book rivalry together demonstrate the protocols through which modernism enforces doubt.

A bodiless figure rests on a pedestal and another on the floor, one with eyes forever open, the other forever closed. Their mutual antagonism extends to and includes the painting, who wears her Reinhardtian distaste for their obstinate third dimension on her face.

This diptych, Untitled, is a form based in disintegration. It relies on retinal disparity to consider the space around, between and during. The middle focus of these vain sculptures, the work does not just permeate our X,Y and Z axis but further, suggests that we complete the experience with the use of our own body and brain, nerves and skull.

The Hulk and the Thing are equally indestructible, but narrative variations on their frequent one-on-one combat prolong their obvious and inevitable stalemate. Like these two comic book characters, everyone is still here, 50 years later, staging a parallax.

—Jacob Kassay